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Project Type: Online Game & Social Media Campaign

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The Future Tech of Social Media Campaigns is Here

To help promote the movie Pacific Rim, produced by Warner Brothers Pictures, Social Media 180 was tasked with building a complex and innovative social experience that would work on Facebook and as a stand-alone website. Utilizing the latest technology in social sharing and engagement, Social Media 180 created an app that included three seperate online games, along with a name generator, achievement badges, and more. The app was also skinned for multiple international markets.


Warner Brothers / Qualcomm


Graphic Design

Social Media Campaign

Online Game

Launch Date

July 2013

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Generating Names & Social Engagement

Social Media 180 created a custom name generator for fans of the Pacific Rim movie that utilized information from the user's social account to algorithmically create a name and image for the user's custom Jaegar. Fans could then share their name and Jaegar graphic with their friends by posting it directly to their wall.

The name generator was a huge success, and can be modified to work with any campaign.

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Online Games Help Drive Repeat Visitors

Social Media 180 created three seperate online games for this campaign, titled Speed Test, Performance Test, and Visual Acuity Test, all vital skills for any Jaegar pilot. Fans could take "skills tests" multiple times to try and improve their scores, with the top users vying for a spot on the Leader Board. Users who made it to the top of the leader board were entered to win daily prizes from Pacific Rim and Qualcomm.

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A Global Phenomena Needs Global Support

Because of the international release of the movie, Warner Brothers and Qualcomm needed the application to be translated into multiple languages. Social Media 180 was able to geo-code the application to load the correct language and graphics for the region that a user connected from.

The internet attracts a global audience, your marketing should too.


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